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Homemade stove top holiday potpourri

Use seasonal holiday ingredients to make this handmade holiday gift: stove top holiday potpourri!  All you need are a few ingredients, a mason jar, and twine.  Welcome guests with warming spices, orange, and cinnamon or wrap up a jar and gift to a friend.  This blend of holiday ingredients will leave your home smelling like the holidays for days!  Simply pour the ingredients in a shallow pan, add water to cover, and simmer.  When the water begins to evaporate, add more!  Your stove top holiday potpourri will last 3 to 5 days. 

What we like most about homemade holiday stove top potpourri

Holiday Stove Top Potpourri is totally natural, toxin free, and will last several days.  Fill your simmer pot with water and add the ingredients.  Keep an eye on the pot and add more water as needed.  Your holiday spice stove top potpourri will last 3-5 days depending on how long it simmers. The Mason jars will help keep your dried ingredients fresh and having all the portions ready to go makes this a lovely gift idea.

DIY gift idea: Holiday Stove Top Potpourri

Start first by making sure you have several Ball jars with lids on hand along with some twine and holiday tags if you are planning to gift your holiday stove top potpourri.  Next is the fun part!  Ordering the orange slices is not too expensive and much easier that drying your own.  I also get my apples on line and sometimes I add mulling spices to the mix.  Get creative with your ingredients! I’ve listed the ingredients I used below along with other ingredients that you might enjoying trying.  The idea here is to use dried fruit so it will last a few weeks in an airtight jar.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long will the dried potpourri last?

Dried potpourri will last 10 to 14 days in an airtight jar.  Once you begin simmering your potpourri, the mixture will remain fresh and fragrant for several day.

  • Can I use fresh ingredients?

Yes! Add a thinly sliced apple and lemon or orange to a simmering pot.  Next add whatever ingredients you have on hand.  Cinnamon sticks and fresh rosemary smell so good! Keeping it simple is best.

  • How do I dry my own fruit?

If you’d like to dry your fruit, thinly slice your apples and oranges and place them on a baking tray lined with a Silpat. It takes about 6 hours in an oven at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit to fully dehydrate your fruit.

How to make holiday stove top potpourri

Begin first by washing and drying your Ball jars and lids.  To fill an 8 ounce jar you will need about 3 orange slices, 3 sprigs of fresh or dried rosemary, 6 star anise, 3 cinnamon sticks, 14 cup cranberries, and a tablespoon or so of cloves.  Here is a list of general ingredients but feel free to add other ingredients if you’d like!

Next, cut twine or ribbon and tie around the mason jar lid and add your gift card.  A jar of stove top potpourri can gifted as is or placed in a basket with a fresh linen and holiday cookies.

Don’t forget to check here for more DIY gift ideas!  I’m sharing potted paperwhites that I’ve planted in clay pots, wrapped in cellophane, and tied with velvet blue ribbon.  Another simple and beautiful gift idea that everyone will enjoy.

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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