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Stocking Your Refrigerator

Cleaning and Organizing: Stocking your refrigerator

Cleaning, organizing, and preparing meals is something we all need to do so we might as well make the task as simple and  enjoyable as possible.  So for that reason I thought it would be helpful to create a new page for readers: Organizing and Cleaning.  Here I will share cleaning hacks and my own personal system for staying organized and creating a ‘happy cleaning space’.  My hope is that by sharing you will be inspired to create your personal sanctuary in this hurried world we all live in.  You will find Cleaning and Organization tips under the “home” page located at the top of the blog.

Stay organized by keeping lists

I’m starting with this because list making is essential for an organized home.  I keep two lists: the first is a monthly overview on my calendar and the second is a weekly to-do list.  I use a note pad or index cards to remind myself that I need to menu plan or tackle certain house tasks.

Cleaning the refrigerator weekly

When the refrigerator is ready to be restocked, this is a great opportunity to give it a good wipe down.  I spray my Norwex Kitchen Towel with a non-toxic cleaner like Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi-surface Cleaner and wipe down the shelves.  This is not a deep clean, just a freshening.

Stocking and weekly meal prep

Designate one day a week to prepare meals and snacks for the week ahead.  Start by prepping for just a few days and see how that goes.  Cut up raw veggies, hard boil eggs, wash and cut berries, roast sweet potato or yam, make several days of overnight oats, and prepare a soup or roast a chicken that can be used later in the week.  I use BPA free glass containers for fruit and vegetable storage. For kale and spinach the OXO Good Grips Vegetable Savor is the best.  Having everything ready to go when you need it helps us to make better food choices and gives us a little more time during the day to do other tasks.

If you miss a week, try again next time. No one is perfect and I’ll tell you now that I don’t always practice what I preach but I do have good habits most of the time.

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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  1. Cleaning and organizing top priority here. Always good advise to be reminded how much an organized home makes life so much easier. I always love peeks at your beautiful kitchen. For some reason I stopped getting your new posts in my email so I have signed up again……..Happy Mother’s Day Leslie.

    1. Yes, you totally get it Emily. It really does make life easier. I’m starting this series ~ in part ~ for myself. I’m on a mission to get rid of clutter and organize my home and life;)

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