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How to remove sink stains without bleach

Today I’m sharing how to remove sink stains without bleach! This is so simple, not toxic, and leaves your sink and garbage disposal smelling pretty and fresh!

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I can’t say I’ve completely stopped using bleach but I will say I’ve come up with ways to use less.  There are several spots in our home that are a challenge to keep white but the main area is our kitchen sink.  It’s in use constantly and by the end of the day it usually needs a good scrubbing to remove stuck on food and stains. Rather than using a bleach scrub I’m using a mixture of the essential oil of lemon and baking soda.  Essential oils aren’t just for diffusing!  They can be used topically, in food, taken, internally, and used to make beauty products.

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bleach alternative, removing sink stains without bleach

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Why not use bleach?

Bleach isn’t good to breath and it also breaks down rubber and other parts of your appliances. That said there are just times when you might need to use a little in the laundry, sink, or bathroom area.  Diluting 1/4 bleach + 3/4 cup water and making a spray helps get rid of tough stains and germs but it’s tough on fabric and skin.  Here’s my honest opinion.  If you keep up with the cleaning game you are less likely to need bleach.  Catch it right away!  When using cloth napkins for example, always check to make sure there are no stains on them prior to washing and drying.  If something is stained, try a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide along with a few drops of essential oil of lemon along with some elbow grease to see if the stain lightens. For the sink I occasionally use a natural cleaner like Norwex cleaning paste along with my own natural, eco-friendly cleaner.  This non-toxic, all-natural stain remover has the added bonus of making everything smell lemony fresh and so clean!  I hope you try it and let me know what you think.

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Here’s what you’ll need to make your non-toxic stain remover:

Baking Soda

Embossing label maker

Ball canning jar

Essential Oil of Lemon

Scrub brush 

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How to remove sink stains without bleach

  1. First you’ll need a few household items: a saucepan scrubber, kosher salt, and essential oil of lemon.
  2. Put about 10 drops of essential oil of lemon on you sink.
  3. Sprinkle liberally with baking soda.
  4. Use your saucepan scrubber to clean your sink.
  5. Rinse!

how to get your sink white without bleach #nontoxiccleaners #bleachalternative #sinkstainremoval

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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