January Newsletter

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Hello, and Happy New Year!

Hopefully the holiday season was a delight and you are rested and ready to begin a new year. Our New Years Eve was low key and after a month of excesses, I’m ready to get back into a routine.

The cozy season continues through January. It’s not just about baking and cuddling up by the fire, it’s also a time for us to create a soothing, comfortable environment that encourages us to slow down and embrace routine and the simpler things.

Winter Magic

Just like Mother Nature settles in for a long nap, we too are beckoned to hunker down and take comfort in the cold and quiet of the season. For many, the dark winter months can be a challenge. This is the time to drink tea, make soup, and layer up. Try to get outside and walk daily, you’ll be glad you did! I find it’s never as cold or rainy as it looks. Dress accordingly and the weather won’t be as much of an issue. Remember this quiet time is necessary for us to restore and prepare for the growing season that follows.

Here’s the list: 12 ways to renew and refresh

Hello January

If you would like to download the list to give to a friend, post on a family bulletin board or refrigerator, click here!

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