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What to wear: January edition

My style doesn’t change much. At this point I know which clothing lines are most comfortable and flattering. At the beginning of each year I do a closet edit and donate or toss items that are looking worn or that I no longer wear. Once I’ve done that, I can see what pieces are needed to fill in. I’m selective and will pay more for a classic piece rather than purchasing several lesser expensive items.

Organizing your closet:

When setting up my closet, I hang clothes according to color and style. It’s also helpful to grab an outfit (pants, blouse, jacket, bag) and hang those items together for quick, easy access when choosing something to wear. Try putting together a work/meeting outfit, walking clothes, and a date night outfit.

Favorite pieces:

Have you ever heard the phrase clothes are easy but style is hard? What I’ve learned is that style is what makes you feel confident and comfortable in your daily living. A wardrobe capsule for me is what I need and nothing more. Following trends and bulk buying (always shopping and looking for bargains) isn’t the best approach for me. Less is more and I’d rather have a few classic pieces than lots of “stuff” that just sits in my closet.

Here’s what I’m wearing lately:

Long black coat: Pacific Northwest winters are chilly. Having a long coat is essential. I also own a camel colored wool coat that is also on repeat during the winter moths. I also have a jacket and vest that I wear when walking. See me wearing it here.

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Dresses: For dress up, this sweater dress (see me wearing it here) is perfect during winter months. I add cashmere stockings and boots for warmth. Shorter dresses always have dark stockings. tops are fitted without being tight.

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Denim on denim: Love this look and a good leather belt and booties are essential. My tote is vintage.

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Button up blouses: I have the blouse below in white and blue and white. Best worn tucked in jeans with a leather belt and sometimes I add a vest for extra warmth. Blouses are fitted, not tight and the neckline is comfortable. I don’t like tops buttoned up too tight or tight turtlenecks (maybe I’m a bit claustrophobic;) I’m also linking my favorite soft sweaters and cardigans.

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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2 Responses

  1. I wonder if the majority of your followers on Instagram can afford the price tag on most of the linked attire you post. They are nice pieces, but quite frankly on the higher end of what most people can afford these days. Just an observation. You could probably reach more people, and make more money,(using your links) linking a more affordable (to most) wardrobe capsules.

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment. The purpose of a style post is to share links to clothing that’s worn in a specific post. Readers want to see exact item links. In the future perhaps it would help if I added a second link with an item that is similar for less. Please keep in mind I am sourcing for home items too and creating and videoing recipes. It is very time consuming and I make just pennies when people shop my links. If there is something you absolutely love, let me know and perhaps I can help you find something that is in your budget.

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