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How to care for your white slip cover couch

I’ve had my Pottery Barn Slip Covered Couch for about 8 months and because I get lots of questions about it, I thought I’d answer a few! We purchased the square arm slip covered sectional with a chaise, which is actually an ottoman that can be attached to one of the couch sections.

FAQ’s: Pottery Barn Slip Covered Couch

What fabric did you choose for your slip cover?

Ours is a warm, white denim which I totally love.  It’s a soft white, not ivory or cream.   Our family room couch is dark leather so it hides everything.  I knew going into this that if I had something white in the great room I’d need slip covers.  The denim is durable and washes well.  Nothing is off limits in our home so accidents happen and I just go with it. I wash with a gentle liquid detergent after treating any stains with a little baking soda and vinegar. Careful not to over dry! I use a low heat when I dry my slip covers.

Is it worth it to pay more for down filling in your cushions?

When I was visiting the Santa Monica area a couple years ago, we walked into the Rachel Ashwell store.  I fell in love with her white denim sectionals.  They are roomy, plush to sit on, and very cozy. Unfortunately the price was not in my budget so from that point on I was on a quest to find something similar for less.  A year later I was in a Pottery Barn store and there was a similar couch for half the price.  When I sat on couch I new instantly new I’d found what I was looking for! It’s definitely worth it to spend on a medium priced fill or down if it’s in your budget. The cushions are a deluxe down blend and very comfortable to kick back, and relax with family and friends.  I add seasonal throws and pillows for extra plush and comfort.

Do sectionals come in module pieces so you can move the pieces?

Some do! In my case, every piece can be removed and reconfigured.  You can also replace your slip cover down the road if you decide you’d like something different.

Couch can be found here

How to clean white slip covers

For spot cleaned I use the Laundress stain remover.  You can also try vinegar and baking soda. My front loader has a hand wash and gentle cycle option that works well for my slip covers. Use a gentle wash like the Laundress detergent and a scoop of Molly’s Suds Oxygen Whitener for pretty white slip covers!


Coffee Table: McGee & Co.

Rug: Etsy

Side table: Target

Sectional couch: Pottery Barn

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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7 Responses

  1. Leslie, this is so funny that you did this post! I actually went to your blog just now to get a closer look at your sectional. My husband and I recently purchased a Pottery Barn square arm slipcovered sofa and chair during the 25% off sale. Spent about an hour sitting on different ones before we put in our order. Decided since we have a dog and a grandchild (soon will have 2) that slipcovered with performance fabric was the way to go. Also we needed a color that wouldn’t fade from the sun. We picked the oatmeal color which is not too light and not too dark.

    What is driving me nuts is the slipcovers arrived looking nothing like the photos, the pleats will not lay flat…not at all the tailored look in the photos. I tried ironing them but it only helped a little. I may to take them to the dry cleaner to see if they can press them. It doesn’t look like yours have pleats?


    1. Hi Linda! ..no mine don’t have pleats. We had some issues getting our sofa and PB was helpful in getting everything resolved. I’d contact them if there’s an issue :)

  2. Love this couch! I’m wanting this exact thing, but when I click your link to shop this post, it just takes me to the home page of Pottery Barn! There are so many options!

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