Simple Fall Porch Ideas

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Hello Friends!  Today I’m sharing our simple fall porch ideas with pumpkins, cabbage, and mums.  I grew up in Southern CA and never experienced a true change of season.  When we moved to the Pacific Northwest I remember walking with a girlfriend and picking up a large leaf that was changing color.  I told her that I wanted to take it home and press it and save it as a keepsake. She laughed and said, Leslie, you’ll be raking for days and just when you think you’ve cleaned up .. more will come :)  Needless to say that’s exactly what happened.  Raking takes forever so we use a leaf blower.  My husband usually cleans up {the} fall  in a two steps so come mid-November, we are all cleaned up and the yard is ready for winter.

Have you noticed how gorgeous the pumpkins are this year?  The colors worked perfectly with the theme I have going in my home. The fantasy, or Cinderella pumpkins are less common so I had to call around to find out which markets and/or nurseries carried them.  I used a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes along with cabbage and mums that I placed in inexpensive containers.  If you are super busy, just order you seasonal decor on line or Amazon.  Usually items ship free and even if they don’t it’s sometimes worth the shipping fee to save driving time.

I have a sitting area in the front of the house that needs chairs etc.. however I haven’t found the right pieces so this year I kept it simple with a couple lanterns, votives (I like these so much), and lots of pumpkins.  You can find inexpensive baskets (I’ve linked a few below) that work perfectly for mums and daisies.  I added fall flowers to my urns and replaced my doormat.  That’s it!

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  1. Your porch area looks lovely with the Cinderella pumpkins and mums. Trader Joe’s always has a good selection of Cinderella pumpkins so I will be headed there to choose mine. Have a wonderful week Leslie…….

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