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What you’ll need this fall

I like a good make over whenever the seasons change, so today I’m going to share a few of my favorites and talk about what you’ll need this fall! As summer comes to a close I want something new to signify the end of yet another chapter.  Something to get me excited about the shorter days and cooler temperatures ahead.  To freshen up my look, I’m thinking a new foundation, darker lip, and maybe a smoky eye.  Today I’m sharing a few favorites that I promise will get you in fall-mode!

Face Cream

Today is mainly about make up but in order for your cosmetics to look their best, you need to create a proper base for application.  Every September I switch from a light facial lotion to a slightly heavier cream.  For the daytime I use Glossier’s  Priming Riche Cream. This dense, sumptuous cream absorbs well and leaves no heavy or greasy feeling.   Priming Riche Cream contains ceramides and fatty acids that protect and reinforce skin’s delicate skin lipid barrier and creates a smooth, dewy canvas for makeup ~ or not.  I also like Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Cream and Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream.  If you need product order Fresh products on-line and you will receive a gift with purchase (cleanser, honey mask, and lip repair) while supplies last.


Some days I prefer a lighter coverage and other days I feel like something heavier.  For a slightly heavier coverage with a more matte finish I use Kjaer Weiss.  Just SHEER is the shade I use most often.  All makeup and skin care products have preservatives otherwise your products would last just a week or so and require refrigeration.  That said, some preservatives are worse than others.  Without going into details about label reading (that’s another blog post) let’s just say that all the products on my list today meet my personal green beauty standard.

Becca is my choice if you want coverage that feels ultra-light. This product is build-able so you can customize the application to even out and perfect your complexion. Just a drop creates a flattering luminosity that blurs facial imperfections and leaves a soft-focus glow.  Definitely a favorite!

W3ll People is another line that is really popular with the green beauty crowd.  I’ve yet to try this one but I’ve heard it’s a great product.  The bronzer is another one to try.  The porcelain look is beautiful on some women.  Not the case with me so I do spray tan and add bronzer when needed.  I am using a bronzer from Becca.

Lip Liner and Lip Stick

Make sure you exfoliate your lips once a week with Lip Polish by Fresh and then moisturize. I’ve used Terry lip balm and I also like this one from Fresh.  I use a small amount of foundation on my lips prior to adding liner and color. When applying liner, stay on your natural lip line. Kjaer Weis lip pencils are my favorite.  They are precise and aren’t as moist as lipstick or gloss so they really last and aren’t drying like some pencils can be. I use the rose pencil  fill in with Kjear Weis gloss or lipstick. For a darker lip I am a fan of  Kosas.  The colors are so pretty, provide sheer coverage don’t dry out my lips.

Shadows and Eye Liner

A smoky eye is always fun in the fall.  Try ash and ember eye soot or  Kjaer Weis onyx using Cloud nine  as your base. Next, line with dark brown or black liner. I like Terry brown and black and Kjaer Weis also has an excellent liner.  If you are going for a traditional smoky eye you will want to apply the liner in the lower and/or upper water line.  Do this carefully!


I’ve used Tarte mascara for years.  It is infused with Amazonian clay so it not only lengthens but also treats your lashes.  You can build thicker lashes without creating that heavy feeling ~ all while nourishing to create healthier lashes.

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These pretty photos were taken by Missy Palacol.

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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