How to Create a Cozy Home that Nurtures You

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seven ways to nurture yourself

There’s that familiar feeling, good Juju, positive, happy, healthy, healing energy that I like so much. Reflecting back to my childhood, there was a hidden garden with roses, a small pond, and a little bench in the corner of the garden to sit. It was surrounded by trees so it felt safe, peaceful, and cozy. I would bring my favorite coloring book or dollies to this sacred space. This was my place to just be.

Today I feel the same feeling in my home, my sanctuary. I strive to create a warm, and cozy home that feels like a big hug, a place that nurtures you.

A place to ponder

Create a place to ponder. This could be an in – or outdoors providing it allows you to relax and just be. Studies show that where we spend time can have an effect on our physical and mental well-being.

summer, the golden hour

Surround yourself with what makes you feel cozy and comfortable

When your home is full of clutter and random objects, we can feel overwhelmed, and for me that totally blocks my creativity and makes me crabby. Fill your home with the things you really love. This can be your Gammas’ tea set or an old painting that makes you smile. Add your personal touches and little things that turn your house into a home. These items create a feeling of calm and comfort.

winter decor

Create ambiance: use candles, aromatherapy, and music

Take the light down a notch. Use dimmers, candles, and add aromatherapy and music. The soft light is cozier, calmer, and soothing. We try not to used canned lights and our lights have dimmer switches so we can brighten our space up on a dark, dreary day, and lower the light to create calm and quiet. We also use candles. Add a votive to your entrance console, tapers, or pillar candles. You can also use candles that use LED light for a safe option. Another way to create a soothing home is use a diffuser with essential oils. I also like linen spray and fresh eucalyptus and flowers.

spring table

Bring nature inside

There are so many ways to bring nature into your home and you don’t need to spend a dime! Clip branches, pick wild flowers, grow herbs, etc.. All so simple and budget friendly ways to bring nature in! Alternatively, head outside for a picnic!

pacific northwest cobb salad

Open shutters, drapes, and windows

Getting early morning light upon rising is helpful to promote a good sleep cycle. It’s so dark here in the morning that I’ve purchased a blue light to help introduce light exposure in the morning. I turn in on in the bathroom as soon as I get out of bed. It’s on for maybe 10 minutes and then I turn it off when I go downstairs.

how to keep your home clean and tidy

Remove clutter for clear thinking

This is so important! When my house is a mess I can’t think clearly. Try to get into the habit of donating or removing unused items on the regular basis.


Sometimes a few days go by and I realize I haven’t stopped and taken a deep breath.. in for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts. It’s important to tune into ourselves and breath, sit up straight, press down our shoulders.

At the end of a long day I sometimes feel hurried as I finish my ‘day’ job and transition into our evening routine, dinner prep, clean up, and then getting ready for the next day. Since we put in our soaking tub I’ve been feeling the benefits of a bath. If you’re a busy mom you’re probably thinking, yeah right, but really – you can do this and it doesn’t take as long as you think. While I put a load of laundry in and pick up my bathroom, I fill the tub. I add bath salts tired muscles and a few drops of essential oil or bubble bath. I allow myself a quick 10 or 15 soak and I’m done. It’s so easy and I promise, you will feel amazing! Head over to this blog post to read about my bath routine!

how to add simple valentine touches to your bathroom

More on self care and nurturing:

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I hope you find something here that helps you nurture yourself!

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