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favorite supplements

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I don’t use the term anti aging when it comes to health or beauty. Anti aging sounds negative, don’t you think? How about saying women of a certain age? A certain age is defined as whatever age you begin to feel your body changing. It’s when you say, “I used to do this .. or use that but now it’s not working for me”. Today I want to share my go-to supplements for women of a certain age.

favorite supplements

Start with a healthy diet

First, and most importantly I need to say that supplements are just that, a supplement to an otherwise healthy diet. I’ve learned that supporting myself with daily movement, along with plenty of grass-fed, wild caught protein, vegetables, and a carefully thought out supplement regime keeps me feeling my best. To help keep me feeling energized and strong, I take a handful of supplements daily that help support a healthy immune response and hormone function.

favorite supplements

Supplements: where to begin

My schedule is always in overdrive. I’m type A, and constantly try to manage my adrenaline levels. I like to add Yin Powder and Green Adaptogen powder to my morning smoothie in the morning. Both powders are adaptogenic formulas that help me to stay calm and relaxed. I typically add the two powders to my Vitamix blender along with the following ingredients:

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens help the body adapt to daily stresses and hormonal fluctuations. The Yin Powder is filled with organic, wild harvested herbs that help nourish feminine energy, balance hormones, and support immunity

While I typically eat what I consider to be tons of veggies daily, my body probably isn’t as efficient when it comes to absorption as it was years ago so I a scoop of Organifi Green Juice powder to my smoothie daily. I’ve recently added Sun Potion Green Adaptogen, a green powder, a blend of Suma, Maca, and Chlorella which help to support energy levels, strengthen immunity, and provide essential amino acids.

What are the benefits of adding collagen?

The body naturally looses collagen over time and there’s no stopping that process. That said to slow the process I supplement with bone broth (my recipe here) and by adding Collagen Protect by Moon Juice. Use it as a creamer of add to your smoothie. Collagen Protect may help preserve your natural collagen and minimize fine lines by hydrating with Hyalurnoic acid, Silver Ear Mushroom, and Tocos.

A warming drink

I’ve almost eliminated all caffeine. I allow myself a couple squares of Hu chocolate or dark chocolate covered cashews as a mid morning or afternoon treat. My other go-to is Gaia Golden Milk. I like to add my homemade pumpkin spice

favorite supplements

While supplements can be a great support for the body, a shift in mindset as we enter new chapters in life is also important. Education is important. Read and listen to Podcasts (try Kelly LeVeque and The Cabral Concept). The book The New Rules of Aging Well (don’t like that word ;) is helpful too. It outlines ways you can improve your overall health and well being to help you move through the chapters of life gracefully. Integrative medicine doctor Frank Lipman shares a simple program to help reverse the “normal” signs of aging while rejuvenating and energizing the body. If you are struggling with hormonal issues Hormone Intelligence by Aviva Romm, MD is helpful no matter your chronological age.

For additional resources make sure to check out these blog posts:

There’s always more to learn and being a part of a community surrounded by the most amazing women is truly a gift. I’d love to hear if there’s something you’ve found helpful on your wellness journey.

- Leslie

- Leslie

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