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creating a cozy outdoor space

This will be the first summer in our new home. Our to-do list is extensive and sometimes I have to just stop and take a deep breath .. and reassure myself that we will get through this. Today I’m sharing a few basic items for the garden. To create a space you truly love and enjoy, add items that not only serve a purpose but are also aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few of my favorites!

creating a cozy outdoor space
cottage farmhouse favorites

I have this rattan indoor/outdoor planter indoors at the moment. As the weather continues to get warm I might move it to the front porch.

Vintage clay pots are a must for a cozy backyard space. I fill mine with herbs or flowers.

Let’s talk about elevating the look of your garden. Try Brass garden tags!

… and we all need a gardening shovel!

I have this Planter on my deck and love it.

Need something to collect your garden flowers or veggies? Try a Rattan gardening tray

Here is my Wreath doormat (on sale!)!

The market umbrella. If you don’t a deck cover try an umbrella!

This Rattan food cover  is a light and airy addition to your tabletop decor.

Striped outdoor lounge chair: Weather resistant and I like the arm rests and big pocket in the back.

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- Leslie

- Leslie

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