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Cozy Family Room Update | How to find and style vintage pieces

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I’m so excited to finally share our cozy family room update! This space was driving me nuts because of the small windows on either side of the fire place. Honestly I still don’t like them and they are there to stay so I am working around them. First thing first .. add built ins! Thank goodness my husband is handy. He built them (supplies listed below) over the course of several weekends. We both work so these projects take up weekend time.

family room updates

Cozy family room update

We had purchased a black leather couch about 8 years ago and it was showing it’s age. The couch is a ‘family’ couch which means kids, adults, and dogs use it for kicking back, eating popcorn, dinner, cookies, or whatever. What I like about leather is that it’s timeless and is easy to clean. That said I still cover my couch with faux sheep pelts and linen to keep it clean (the dogs are always a mess). Rather than purchasing a new leather couch that would run 4 -8,000 dollars we decided to purchase this gorgeous, gently used, down stuffed cushion couch. There are times when you need to splurge and a time to save and this was definitely one area that we should save.

How to find the perfect vintage pieces

This is no doubt a tough one. You just have to be patient. I am guilty of impulse buying and it’s not a good practice. I found our vintage chest while casually shopping with my daughter and mom. I wasn’t on the hunt for a vintage chest. I recommend looking for local antique stores and flea markets. Pop in and out every now and then to see what’s new. Sometimes I get inspired and walk away with a great find, other times not so much.

After seeing the vintage chest in the store and asking for dimensions, I went home to think about whether or not it was worth the price and I measured the space to make sure the height and width would work. Next I made a offer (lower than her asking price) to the store owner to purchase the chest in addition to the dark brown leather sectional she featured with the chest. We finally came to terms and a week later we had new furniture.

I’m looking for a picture to replace the framed white wagon wheel print. I love the print but want something darker.

cozy family room updates
family room update

How to style a vintage coffee table/chest

So easy! First, always flowers or you can also use a potted plant. Next I added a bowl and filled it with pinecones. It’s winter so I thought that would be fun. Soon though I will add something that feels more like spring. Flickering candles are so romantic. This Cedar candle is one of my favorites. In this picture I’ve added white votive candles by the fireplace to up the cozy factor. The Iron candle holder can be found here and I like these twisted taper candles.

cozy family room update
Cozy Family Room Updates

How to protect your couch if you have pets and kids

The couch in my living room is a white denim slip covered sectional. I love it because I can remove the covers and treat stains and wash as needed. My living room couch can be found here and if you’re curious as to how to care for a white slip cover couch head over to this blog post. Leather can get scratched and tear if you’re not careful so it’s safe to say there are pros and cons to whatever you choose to buy but I will say that being able to quickly wipe your furniture down is important if the couch is being used a lot. I use a gentle spray and cotton cloth to wipe down our leather couch. Every now and then I will treat the leather with a natural leather cream.

Thank you so much for visiting today and if you have pets and kids I’d love to know how you keep your furniture clean!

- Leslie

- Leslie

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