Cozy Friday Finds | How to Freshen Up Your Home for Springtime

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Although it will be a while before we get into warmer springlike conditions, a girl can dream, right? The other day I was walking around Target and found some fresh spring finds from both THRESHOLD DESIGNED WITH STUDIO MCGEE and HEARTH & HAND™ WITH MAGNOLIA. I picked up a few items because the collections are bound to sell out. Both lines are full of inspiration and include textiles, furniture, and faux plants (great if you it will be a few months before you can get out and garden). While we are still in full winter mode here in WA state, I am definitely ready to start thinking about springtime. Check out my favorites and let me know what you like!

Tuesday Treasures

#1. Chunky Knit throw blanket

Tuesday treasures

Who doesn’t love to wrap up in a cozy knit throw in the wintertime? It’s 31 degrees this morning and that’s exactly what I’m doing as I type this blog post!

Choose the color that you love this most! Shop this cozy throw blanket by clicking on the image below.

#2. Wood Framed Accent Chair

tuesday treasures

I like this wood framed accent chair so much! It’s simple and I like the cottage, farmhouse vibe. Adding wood makes your space a little more cozy. Two would look nice near your fireplace (add a throw).

Shop this cozy chair by clicking on the image below.

#3. Woven Plaid Throw Pillow

The price is right and this woven plaid throw pillow is perfect for a little bit of a spring update. Changing up your pillows seasonally is an inexpensive way to freshen up your home.

cozy Friday favoirties


Shop this cozy woven throw pillow by clicking on the image below.


#4 Moody Art

This Moody Landscape Framed Wall Art brings a cozy modern flair to your interior. This piece features a lovely landscape giving your wall personality without overwhelming the rest of your room decor. The neutral design se works with any decor, making for an easy addition for your family or living room.

friday favorite finds

Shop this Moody Wall Art by clicking the image below.

#5. Sea Grass Basket

Baskets can be used in so many ways and always add an element of cozy to your space. I use my baskets for storage and fill them with throws or dried flowers.

cozy farm house finds

To shop this item click on the image below.

#6.  Olive Branches

Olive branches are so beautiful and these are so natural looking! The branches are arranged in a ceramic container to crate a cozy vibe. Place them near your entry or in the family room along with other potted plants.

friday favorites

Shop this beautiful display of olive branches by clicking on the image below.

#7. Decorative Sculptured Bowl

This decorative bowl is beautifully folded with an asymmetric rim to create a unique and more contemporary look. You know I like to mix contemporary with vintage :) so this is a fun addition to your counter or coffee table if you like that look too.

Friday finds

To shop this bowl click on the image below.

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