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Wholesome Spring Recipes

green juice and the best scrambled eggs

I’m looking forward to putting my Dutch oven away and looking forward to the fresh produce that spring brings and getting outdoors to do some grilling.

Here are a few of our favorite spring recipes. My recipes are always wholesome and focus on natural ingredients.

If you’re looking for a quick meal that’s cozy and very satisfying, try my creamy Italian ravioli. This recipe makes a tasty lunch or can be used as a side dish with roasted chicken or skewers from the grill.

creamy italian ravioli

Here’s our take on the traditional cob salad – the Pacific Northwest cob salad. Very similar ingredients however I’m adding shellfish, corn, and goat cheese. Feel free to change out the shellfish for another protein choice or eliminate it altogether.

If you’re looking for an easy brunch idea, try my ham and cheese egg cups. Add little bites of bacon or ham for lots of yummy flavor!

If you’re looking for a simple brunch or breakfast treat, try our morning blueberry cake. It’s moist and delicious and freezes well. Or.. these lemon ricotta blueberry muffins. They are so delicious with lots of lemon and ricotta cheese.

Don’t forget about a side of hard boiled eggs for the spring. They make a healthy snack and a platter of deviled eggs for brunch is so delicious. Check out this recipe for the perfect hard boiled egg and here’s my scrambled egg recipe if you need it!

If you want to add something different and very healthy to your brunch or breakfast, try pressed apple celery juice. I promise, this is delicious! How to make green juice, here.

- Leslie

- Leslie

Welcome to Lemon Grove Lane, where I share seasonal recipes and heartfelt home inspiration, all curated to nurture the art of a well-lived life.

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