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adding natural elements

This time of year is tough. While there are signs that spring is on the way we still have morning lows in the 30’s and the days are gray and rainy. While I know the rain is helping our forests and filling up our streams I do tire of it come March and April. To get through this pre-spring time period I add cozy natural elements to our home: warm woods, dried flowers, and baskets are my favorite additions. These cottage farmhouse favorites will warm up any space and transition easily into the spring/summer months.

Grab a cup of Joe or tea, and maybe one of my chocolate chunk muffins and lets take a look at a few of my favorite pre-spring pieces!

Dried Flowers: These are so lovely. I do have some faux flowers but my preference is always fresh or dried for a more natural look.

White walnut bell vase: Bring in natural elements. This white walnut bell vase is perfect for dried daisies!

Living with Nature: Step by step guide sharing simple ways to add natural elements to your home seasonally. If you like neutrals, you’ll enjoy this.

Peg Rail: These are functional and pretty! Hang keys, a scarf, or hat on this Amish peg rail for quick access.

Dried mini daisy bouquet: I always order a bouquet in the springtime. Mini daisies are so sweet and look pretty anywhere.

Sheep Skin Pelt: I use mine year round, in fact I have them on my leather couch to help protect it from my fur babies, Layla and Luna. Pelts look great on the floor, couch, or draped over a chair.

Woven Floor Basket: I absolutely love baskets! Small baskets are in my pantry and larger ones are used for storage and laundry. This one is gorgeous and durable.

Palo Santo Bundle: You’ve probably seen me burn these in my instagram stories :) They are the best.

Vintage elmwood stool: These are so much fun and can be placed anywhere. I have mine in my bathroom currently.

Wool Pillow: A cozy addition to your chair or couch!

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